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Story of America’s most mysterious Plane Hijack. Whose secret the FBI could not even open

plane hijack

D.B Cooper Who did Plane Hijack. A person who hijacks the plane, and then charges money in exchange for the plane. Then he disappears with the money, and no one comes to his hand. Now he swallowed the land or ate the sky, this is a similar story.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States on November 25, and the story dates back to November 24. There is an Oregon State in the US. There is a city in Oregon named Portland. The story begins with Portland itself. A person arrives at Portland International Airport. It was midday because the next day was Thanksgiving Day, so most people had already arrived at home. Therefore this airport was also empty. By the way, all airports have different airlines. Similarly, there was also a counter for North West Airlines.

He goes to the North West airline counter. And a ticket is booked for another city. The age of this man was around 40–45 years. After taking the ticket it rides on the plane. Incidentally, its seat was at the back of the plane. He was at the back door. Perhaps he was looking for a similar seat.

He calls an attendant by pointing at him and that Attendant was named Florence. Calling him he gives him a slip but says nothing Florence thought it was probably a vagabond and was giving his phone number and Florence took no interest and put that prescription in his bag. It saw that Florence did not read it, then after a while, he calls her again and then tells her that if you have read that slip, I do not know if I have a bomb and I can use it. Now, as soon as one hears this, it is evident that she gets nervous because the plane was quite empty because there were a total of 34 passengers in it.
About one hundred and fifty passengers could sit in it when she gets nervous.

After that he sits him and takes out a second letter, now he gives the second slip to him, everything was written in the capital letter, it was typed and two lines were written out of it that I can use it now obviously It is a matter of panic after reading Florence and gets sweaty and tells her that you have read this letter. You are now in my possession and this plane is hijacked. He then asks for reassurance. Sit down, I show you something that was carried away with this big bag. Obviously, most people put the bag on top, but it did not put the bag on top. He had kept it with himself and kept it on an equal empty seat. He picks up the bag and opens it and shows it to Florence. Florence gets nervous after seeing him, there was quite a bit of wire and cylinder type inside it. He looked like a bomb, now Florence is convinced.

Now after that, he gives another slip to Florence and says that now you know. Now you are all in my possession and the plane has been hijacked, so go and give your message to my pilot as to what I want. He writes it in the slip that was his demand

  1. Two lac US Dollars.
  2. Four parachutes.
  3. And refueling in this plane.

If these three demands are accepted then it is okay, otherwise, it will blow the plane. Florence takes the slip and goes to the pilot. Captain Williams of that plane gets nervous when the pilot of the plane reads it. She tells the full details. He did not want to take any risk. After that Captain Williams was to go to where the plane was. He contacts his air traffic control and tells that it has happened. His name is D.B Cooper. It has a bag and a bomb in the bag. It is in demand for the US $ 200,000 for four parachutes and refueling in the ship. Otherwise, it will blow up the entire plane including the passenger.

As soon as this news reaches ATC, the entire airport is stirred up. After this, the FBI and all other agencies of police and airport security are kept on alert. The rest of the agency extracts passenger information from Portland Airport. Everything kept happening and wondered what to do now until DB Cooper says that the plane will not land in the airport until his demand is met because he knew he would catch it if the plane landed there. Will go. He tells the direct pilot that if you try to land the plane, it will blow up the plane. Now the conversation is going on below. He had one more demand that they want two hundred thousand dollars in his 20-20 note.

There should not be any note larger than 20, now all this demand reached there and it was decided here in Afratfari that once it comes down and it is given money. Wherever he lands, he will catch it there. His demand should be met and after that 20-20 notes were collected from different banks of the city. Apart from this, four parachutes were asked to be arranged. Through ATC, the message was sent to the pilot that all his demands have been accepted.

At around 5:25, it is reported to the pilot that he has agreed. The pilot tells D. B. Cooper. D. B. Cooper gets ready after this. D. B. Cooper says that the plane should now be landed at Seattle Airport. At 5:39 in the evening, the plane lands at Seattle Airport. But its demand was also that this airplane is parked on a separate runway. Along with this, it covered all the windows of the plane so that no one could see from outside. All these things are done. After this, the first thing is that the four parachutes that he had asked for should not be of the Army Air Force, but which makes public use. If they are to be parachutes, then those parachutes are also arranged. This airline, which was the manager at Seattle Airport for two million US dollars in the form of 20-20 dollars, because its condition was that no police or army man would bring any money or else he would fly the plane.

Taking the risk was also not considered appropriate and the manager was sent inside the plane with two lakh dollars and a parachute. He arrives to hand over D. B. Cooper and is then prayed to talk to him to talk to the ground below but he refuses. Sends him back. Now it was about fuel and fuel starts filling up till then all the passengers are sitting inside it, after that when the fuel is full then the 35 passengers who in return allow it to land at Seattle Airport. One by one all the passengers get down from the plane. It also allows 2 crew members to go down. 1 of which was Florence whom it had earlier given the slip. Now only 5 crew members remain on the plane, including the Pilot and Co-Pilot, and it was myself.

After unloading all because the fuel was full and it tells the pilot to fly the plane, the pilot had no choice but then flies off the runway at Plane Airport. After this, the FBI and the rest of the agency did not want to take any risk. Because D.B Cooper was inside he could fly the plane. Apart from passengers, 5 people were also present on the plane. That is why he did not take the risk and thought that if he goes somewhere and then we will catch it, the FBI had written the numbers of all the dollars he had given. In particular, all the notes he gave were given by the L-Series so that if anyone spends these notes then they will be known. At 7:40 now the plane takes over from the airport.

As it does the takeover, D.B Cooper tells the pilot that his first thing is that whenever the plane flies, it will not go above 10000 km altitude, second, it will have a minimum speed. Open the back door of the third plane, after this it tells the pilot that if you take the plane towards Mexico, the pilot takes the plane on the route to Mexico.

At the speed and altitude at which the reading plane was told to fly, the fuel cost was high, the pilot tells D.B Cooper that if we go this way, we will have to refuel inside the plane before reaching Mexico. It told the pilot to tell another option, then he told me that there is a Renu to go before Mexico, it is in Nawada. We can land there. Cooper thinks for a while and then says that okay you take it at the root of Renu, then it goes to the route of Renu. When the plane diverts on the road, after a while, DB Cooper spares that all the crew members, including one of the engineers, told them to go into the compact and Pilot and Co-Pilot were already The three who were out at three were also sent to the compact by DB Cooper. Now the only D.B Cooper was left behind on the whole plane.

He said that you lock it inside and no one will come out. It would be very bad if someone came out. All went inside the compact. Now there is D.B Cooper behind the plane, the plane was flying. At around 8:10 AM the pilot feels that the air pressure is increasing in the plane from behind and the balance of the plane is deteriorating. This is possible when the wind is blowing from inside the plane and it is impossible, yet the pilot checks everything after that he thinks that maybe something is wrong and the pilot opens the door to the fearful fear. So, seeing this, he gets shocked. See that there is a very strong wind inside the plane. The back door is open. He runs Closes that door in some way.

After closing, it looks around and comes back to the compact. After closing the back door, the balance of the plane was rebuilt. After this, the plane started running at its normal speed. Inside the plane until he saw a D.B.Cooper. He thought he might be hiding under a seat because D.B Cooper told the Co-Pilot pilot that no one would get out of the compact. Because of this, the pilot did not even try much to see him and now the plane starts flying to Renu. He had to get fuel there. After this, at 10:15 pm, the plane would land at Renu Airport.

During this period, the fighter was an Air Force fighter when the plane flew from Seattle Airport. On top of this plane, under this one, jet fighters were flying the plane in this way. Nobody knows if they see that we are following them so that wherever it lands, we will nab it there. The two Air Force planes were also accompanying him as it had already been reported at Renu Airport that one plane had been hijacked. Therefore, all were attentive there too. When he lands there, he is suddenly surrounded by commandos and all the squads reach there. The FBI team also reaches there. Security of the Air Force also reaches there and Para Military God. After this, the plane door opens and Pilot and Co-Pilot pilots and crew members also step down one by one. Now there was only D.B Cooper inside the plane.

Commandos sneak inside the plane with precaution to capture it and search the entire plane, but D.B Cooper is unaware. D.B Cooper had asked for four, with only two parachutes found near the rear seat inside the plane. Two of which were lying there and two were missing. After that, the Air Force fighter plane was behind them, then the pilot told us that we did not see anyone jumping from this plane all the way. However, it was also that in many places there was a cloud and darkness of night. Now everyone was surprised that there is everything inside the plane but the person who hijacked the plane and the money he took is missing. After this, it was started to find again where it could go, after that there was so much ground area between the two airports. Going there, he was seen, which was the river there, the river was searched, during the long search, during the search, the skeletons of two humans were found, which revealed a case more openly, one of them was of a woman who had died long ago. was. He was detected by his DNA. When this was killed and thrown into this river, all this effort continued but neither D.B Cooper had any address nor D.B. Cooper was found dead.

The FBI considered the way in which he jumped out of the plane. It was dark in the night, so there was no chance of his escape, but his corpse and no money was found as evidence. A long-term investigation was carried on. Many hundred people searched the jungle for many kilometers, even the rivers were searched, but that person did not get.

It was now investigated that he too took the ticket in the name of D.B Cooper. His name was real or fake. The Sketch was created by asking the staff of the plane. More than 800 people were arrested in this. Inquiries were made, but to no avail, continuous investigation continued in this manner but it was not found.

During this period, after many years, a boy gets two packets from one place. The packet that had a few dollars and all of it was 20–20 dollars. When the FBI reached it, it was on the same route as Renu’s airport. It was discovered that the serial number of the note that the boy had received and the note given to D.B Cooper were both matchings. This meant that I was the packet but the rest of the packets were not found. The entire area was also searched and tried to find it, but it was not found, and then no one knows what happened next because after that boy got the money, what was the link of that boy with him? Not found

After nearly 46 years, the 2016–17 FBI accepted its defeat. He said that we cannot solve this case. We put all the emphasis we had. We’ve done everything but we don’t know who D.B Cooper is. His real name is nowhere he came from. No information about it and where the money went is not known, so in this way, it remains the biggest aerial secret in the history of America. This is the only case related to hijacking and extortion of a Commercial Plane!



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