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Most dangerous story of Israel’s Operation Wrath of God.

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Most dangerous story of Israel’s Mossad Operation Wrath of God. Olympic was taking place in Munich City, Germany. About a week had passed since the Olympics began. Players from all over the world who take part in the Olympics. They were participating. Israel’s team was also involved in this.

The first one week was a very peaceful Olympics. But a week later on 5 September 1972, a day that Israel never forgets. On this day, the foundation of this Operation Wrath of God was laid. This operation which lasted for about 20 years. Don’t know how many countries of Europe.

On 5 September 1972, 8 people in the Olympic wearing tracksuit were trying to hang the wall of that Olympic. It seemed from their dress. He is also an Olympic player. Is a player of a country. Who have come here Incidentally, some Canadian players saw him. Who was wearing a tracksuit. Those who were trying to hang the wall. They thought that it was probably a player from a country. Who has come to participate in the Olympics. Those who are trying to hang the wall. They are not jumping the wall. Unknowingly helped those 8 players to tear down the wall.

Attack on Israeli players-

This is also a player of thinking After that they go to the players of Canada. Now people wearing this tracksuit arrive inside. Perhaps they had information. Where are the Israel players’ rooms. After this they move towards the room of the players of Israel. All the weapons were hidden inside his clothes. They go towards the Israeli player. They start searching for them. Some of them were also Israeli wrestlers. Who, when firing at them, confronts them with knives. But two Israeli players are killed by this firing. They take the remaining 9 players hostage.

These were 8 people wearing a tracksuit. Actually there were no players. Rather, people of the Palestine Liberation Organization were. After the hostage, there was chaos in the Olympics. The German government was upset. After that, their demand comes out. 234 people of Palestine Liberation Organization are imprisoned in Israel prison. They should be released.

Israel not to compromise

But this is the law inside Israel. Nobody compromises with an enemy. Israel immediately refused the agreement without delay. He will not compromise. When this message reaches here. The two players were dead. The people of these Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) threw their dead bodies out. He told them that if you did not listen to us, we would kill the rest of the players in the same way. The Authority of Germany took away the bodies of those players.

But after all this, the intention of Israel did not change. He was not ready to talk about anything. At that time Golda Meir was the Prime Minister of Israel. Now it was a matter of thinking what will happen after the attack in the Olympics. What will Israel do? While his players have become prisoners. But Israel flatly denied that he would not compromise.

Request to send Israeli army-

But in the meantime, the Israeli government requested the German government to send its special forces to Munich. He wants to free his player through an operation. The government of Germany should allow this. (Because to send your forces to any country, the permission of the government of that country is needed). But the government of Germany thinking that there are many players in the Olympics. Do not allow too much blood loss. This road to Israel was also closed.

Change in condition of PLO Mens-

After a long time, the PLO felt that Israel might not accept his condition. He suddenly changed his condition and said allow us to leave Munich. We will take these Israeli players hostage. Germany felt that there might be a chance to go from the Olympics to the airport. The player should be freed. The Germans agreed to their terms and gave them a bus. They left for the hostage towards the airport. It was evening time.

Sharpshooters were seated at the airport. It was Germany’s own shooter. The Germans knew that they would free the players as soon as they had the chance. Upon reaching the airport, the hostage was taken off the bus and boarded in a helicopter. When these Palestinians started moving towards the helicopter, the sharpshooter started firing. In return, the people of Palestine also started firing. When they felt that they were surrounded. He also started shooting at the player. Killed all players. At that time the news of the player’s death was not revealed. But by the morning everything was clear that all the players were dead.

Foundation of Mossad Operation Wrath of God-

The Prime Minister of Israel called a meeting immediately. The Chief of Mossad was also involved in that meeting. At that meeting it was decided that whoever was involved in this Palestinian operation. Like who was the master mind. Where was the funding etc. Do not leave any of them. Whether it is in any corner of the world. It was named Operation Wrath of God. That is, the havoc of God. In this it was decided that those who would be included in this Mossad’s Operation Wrath of God. They should forget that they have a family. They will not talk to any family or relatives. If they are caught somewhere, they will not say that they are Israeli.

Operation Wrath of God-

First of all Mossad made a list of such people. Those who belonged to this attack. Then such agents were prepared. Who could execute the mission and remain anonymous. They could carry out this mission without any help. A few months after the start of the mission, an agent of Mossad killed Vel Javater and Mehmood Qureshi. Now it was the turn of the next target. Mossad started tracking a man. Which was related to this attack. The name of this person was Hussain Al Bashir. Who lived in a hotel. He used to come to the hotel only at night. Used to leave at the start of the day. Mossad placed a bomb in his bed to kill him. Which was an easy task. But the difficulty was how to know that Hussain was in bed during the blast. For this Mossad’s agent took a room equal to that. Whose balcony could be seen in his room. As soon as he lay on the bed at night, the whole room went up with a blast.

Start of Spring of Youth Operation-

Beirut professor Basil Al Qubesi was shot dead on suspicion of giving weapons to Palestinians. Mossad’s agents shot him 12. The three people on Mossad’s list were living in Lebanon amid heightened security. Mossad began a Spring of Youth operation to reach them. Which was a part of Operation Wrath of God. On April 9, 1973, some Israeli commandos arrived on the seabed of Lebanon in a boat. Teams of Israeli commandos attacked the building. During this operation, two Lebanese police officers, an Italian citizen, were also killed. At the same time, an Israeli commando was injured. Three more attacks were carried out immediately after this operation. Among them, Zaid Muchasi in Cyprus was bombed in a hotel room in Athens. At the same time, two juvenile members of Black September Abdel Hameen Shibi and Abdel Hadi Naka were injured in a car bomb in Rome.

Constantly aiming enemies-

After this, Mossad again continued his mission and continued to target his enemies, in which these people became targets. On 28 June 1973, Mohammad Baudia, associated with this attack, was killed by planting a bomb in the seat of his car. On December 15, 1979, two Palestinians, Ali Salem Ahmed and Ibrahim Abdul Aziz, were killed in Cyprus. On 17 June 1982, PLO members were killed in separate attacks in Italy. PLO Fadal Dani was blown up by a car bomb in Paris on 23 July 1982. On 21 August 1983 PLO’s Moon Meraish was killed in Athens. Khalid Ahmed Najal of PLO was killed on 10 June 1986 in Athens. On October 21, 1986, PLO’s Munjar Abu Ghazala was bombed. On 14 February 1988, two Palestinian civilians were killed in a car explosion in Limassol, Cyprus.

Ali Hasan Saleh mastermind of attack-

The next number was Ali Hassan Salameh. Who was the mastermind of Munich’s attack. Mossad named Hassan Salameh a Red Prince code. Salameh also knew this. Mossad’s spies were searching for Ali all over the world. That is why he had increased the security cordon. In 1973, in Norway and 1974 in Switzerland, Mossad tried to kill Salameh, but she could not succeed in her cause.

Death of Ali Hassan Saleh-

After this, in 1974, Salameh was tried again in Spain. But he escaped again. 1979, five years later, Mossad once again found Salameh in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. On 22 January 1979, Salameh was also killed by a car bomb blast. The culprit of the Munich massacre was killed. But in Mossad’s operation which lasted for 7 years after the Munich massacre, his agents killed 9 out of 11 Palestinians. By the way, it is also a fact that in this secret Operation Wrath of God that lasted for 20 years, Mossad killed a total of 35 Palestinians.
In this entire operation, Mossad makes a mistake. Because of which this operation is exposed. It was that a hotel waiter in Ukraine is also killed on suspicion of involvement in this attack. The police there arrest some of Mossad’s agents in this murder. The whole world fails. Mossad stops this operation for a few days after United Nations pressure. After a few days, we start this operation again. ‘,’ The story of Mossad’s most dangerous operation, which lasted for 20 years.


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