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Japan-US mission is underway to stop China from Operation Kean Sword


There is a strange movement on the waves of the sea. Preparations for the Great War in the sea. In order to deal with the growing threat of China, every country is preparing in its own way. Every country is busy trying to stop uncontrolled China in its whims of expansionism. And the result of this effort is a new maneuver started in the sea named Operation Keen Sword.

China is not only entangled with India and Taiwan, but it is also fighting with Japan. It is trying to take over the islands of Japan. Meanwhile, Japan has started a new maneuver with the US in its sea. The purpose of this operation called Operation Keen Sword is to stop China. Also, to give this message that if he tried to break his limits, then the world might not start from this sea.

China wants to capture Taiwan. He tries to interfere in the internal affairs of India. The whole South China Sea is called it’s own. South China infiltrates countries bordering the Sea. In the East China Sea, it also claims the Japanese island. And even more, he also tells a city of Russia as his own.

It is evident that everyone is convinced by this attitude of China and that is why the preparations to stop China in the sea are going on in full swing. Japan and the United States have launched a major maneuver to stop China’s growing aggression in the Japanese waters. This maneuver is happening simultaneously on all three fronts i.e. sea, land, and sky, and this practice is named Keen Sword.

The purpose of this exercise is to prevent China from entering the Japanese waters and claiming the Japanese islands. But this is only one exercise. Right now, preparations for the Malabar military exercise in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea next month. Which is part of the response to China’s expansionist policy. The four-member countries of the Quad are scheduled to join India, the US, Japan, and Australia in this military exercise, and China is troubled by the news of the Malabar exercise, troubled by the Keen Sword exercise.

America is keeping a close watch from the Arabian Sea to the South China Sea. However, China, which is constantly showing its strength in the South China Sea, still continues its maneuvers. The Chinese Navy recently conducted a live-fire drill in the Gulf of Aden, in the west of India. China’s official newspaper Global Times has released a propaganda video of this, giving information about it on its Twitter handle.

Chinese President Xi Jinping had recently told Marine soldiers that they should be ready every moment for war. After this, China also started deploying advanced hypersonic missile DF 17 on its southeast coast in preparation for an attack on Taiwan. But there was no scope for China to get a walkover, so the American warship anchored in the South China Sea to protect Taiwan. The American warship patrolled the Taiwan Strait and made it clear that if China looked at Taiwan and looked at it, the consequences would be bad.

Actually, the exercises of Japan and America are a befitting reply to China. Recently, Japan wants to tell China, which has demonstrated its strength by maneuvering in the East China Sea, that it can crush a dragon’s head in an emergency. Keen Sword is the first major maneuver since Yoshihide Suga became Japan’s prime minister last month. China attributes many Japanese islands to the East China Sea. Often he sneaks into these areas.

By the way, this maneuver named Keen Sword happens every other year. Dozens of warships, hundreds of aircraft, and about 46 thousand soldiers take part in this exercise. This time this exercise lasted till 5 November. For the first time, cyber and electronic warfare training has been included. Japan’s largest helicopter carrier Kaga and US warship USS Ronald Reagan are involved in this exercise.

According to the top military commander of the Kaga helicopter career, General Koji Yamazaki, the security situation around Japan has become critical. That is why Japan and America have to demonstrate their power. The length of the Kaga helicopter career is 814 feet. It has recently returned by patrolling the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. In the next year, some more changes will be made so that F35 stealth fighter aircraft can also come on it.

Japan’s growing military activities around Senkaku and Diyu Islands in the East China Sea are increasing Japan’s concern. China calls these two Japanese islands their own. This month the Japanese Prime Minister traveled to Vietnam and Indonesia to form a strong front against China. The formation of the Quad along with India, America, and Australia is also a part of this same entrenchment. The goal is to make the Quad a mini NATO. The message is clear if China does not agree and these actions continue in the sea, then perhaps a great war can start from here.


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