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Story of dying silently in sports


This story is about a husband and wife. Husband is the story of a game played between a wife. But what a bloody conspiracy was behind that game. One of the spouses was unaware of it. But the other knew everything. A game is being played between husband and wife. This is the case in the Rajasthan city of Jodhpur. Where this game was being played. The wife says to the husband before the murder. I want to tie both your hands. The husband says okay, tie it up. After tying the hand before the murder, the wife tells the husband. I want to strangle you. The husband says smilingly. Press that

Playing with husband-

After strangling, the wife tells her husband. I’m really going to kill you. The husband then laughs and says to kill. After this, she presses her husband’s throat hard. The husband is also thinking of the joke. Laughing, and looking towards his wife. But the pressure is on the wife’s hand. He is constantly intensifying on the throat. The problem is hurting, but the husband is still thinking of the joke. He is smiling, the pressure on the laughing throat was so strong that the husband faints after some time. She then strangles. But (But) husband is unconscious now. Neither the screams nor shouts. And after a while, his breath stops, but the game was on.

Death of husband-

The wife looks at him. Hears her chest beat. Both her husband’s hands and feet are still tied. She takes her hand off her neck and looks. That Navaj is not working. But he does not believe that it is either alive, or has died. She then raises a blade. One of the tied hands of the husband cuts off the wrist of one hand. As soon as the wrist is cut. Blood flow starts coming out. She then sits near the same chair. She sits close to her husband for the next 2 hours.

The process of bleeding from the body was going on. Gradually (slowly) all the blood gets released from the body. 2 hours later she wakes up again. She moves closer to her husband. See that the blood had stopped bleeding from the body. Rather the blood had started to settle down. She then hears his beat again. Now he was convinced that he was dead. After this, she stands.

Suicide accusation on husband-

The door opens and exits the door screaming. She was crying, saying that my husband committed suicide. Mother in law was sleeping outside. He immediately exits the room after hearing Bahu’s voice. Badhavas runs towards his son’s room. Let’s see that the son is in the chair. But by then she had opened her hands. The bed was lying down, the wrist was cut. At first glance, this was the feeling. The vein of the arm is cut. Suicide has been committed. The cry starts beating inside the house. After this, the neighbors also come there. A neighbor calls the police. The police reach there. She takes the corpse from there. But by the time he lost his life.

Start of police investigation-

She then takes the statements of the housemates one by one. It comes to him that both husband and wife were sleeping. At night, the wife suddenly shouts. My husband has committed suicide. Everyone knew everything after that. The way the hand was sliced because the vein of the left arm was cut. It is obvious that the man cuts the left-hand vein with the right hand. Because he was a right-hander. There was no doubt. But the question was present. There was a strong reason behind that question. Why did he commit suicide? Now to understand all these things, it is very important to know its background. The question is why he will commit suicide.

Investigation of life behind husband-

Just 6 months before this bloody game, Rohit, a resident of Jodhpur, is married to Seema in January 2016. After marriage, Rohit was very happy. A new bride came into his life. He loved her very much. His wife was also very beautiful. Rohit’s life was going well. But on the other hand, there was no happiness in Seema’s life. Got married but she was not happy with this marriage. Now there were two or three things behind it, Seema had already been married. But that marriage was broken. After that, his family had remarried. Because Seema was very beautiful, there was no difficulty in getting a second marriage.

Marriage method there-

There is a way of marriage. Boys and girls do not get married after seeing their relatives. Rather, the marriage is done through a broker in between. He takes money for this thing. It is famous that brokers sell a girl in the lure of money in 1 way. This is a fraternity, it gets married to money. The family of the girl who is getting married also gets the money. One thing was that the people of Seema’s house caught some similar people to get Seema married. So that he gets married. It is said that the broker gave money to the border family.

The people of Rohit’s house also gave money to the people of the border. Second, the fraternity that had a border. There was another custom. After getting married, the girl will not return to her maternal home for 12 months. Like, there are different customs everywhere. Somewhere they reach their maternal home the next day of marriage. Somewhere after 4 days, somewhere after 3 days. But where was the border in Jodhpur? This was the custom in his community. The girl does not come to her maternal home for 12 months. But the maternal uncle can visit his in-laws to meet his girl.

Reason for Seema not being happy-

Rohit was very happy with this marriage but Seema was not happy. His first reason was that-

  1. Even before this there was a marriage. The talk of which came out openly later.
  2. Seema was in love with a boy in her own area. She wanted to marry him. But she was not married to him.

But the people of Seema’s house got Rohit married to him through a broker and in return they also got money.

The second reason is that the limit will not go back home for a year. She is unable to meet her lover there. This thing was very touching the boundary. During this time when his parents came to meet him in his in-laws. He also said that I have to go. She even said that I want to break this marriage. Her parents explained, now she used to come and talk about her parents and stay there. But she was not living with heart.

Call a lover through message-

Meanwhile, he sent a message to his lover through someone. He was called at his in-laws’ house. Mixed him like his brother that this is my brother. He was in his in-law’s house. After this, he came there a couple of times. Due to which he started coming and going. He felt that this thing would not remain hidden for long. His secret will be revealed. So she wanted it. Somehow this relationship broke and I should leave here. But there was no such opportunity. Because of that which she loved. His arrival had started here. Together these two made a plan. Some do this. So that the way is cleared. During this time, Seema also tried to run a couple of times but she failed.

Now she together with her lover makes this plan. That is until we get Rohit out of our way. We both cannot get married. But the danger was that if murdered, we would be suspicious. What to do so that no one is suspicious.

Plan to kill Rohit-

During this time, Seema saw this news on the news channel. This news was from Gujarat. The two siblings play hide and seek. They play the game blindfolded. The sister blindfolds her brother. Then later deceives her life. All this happened in the game. Incidentally, Seema saw this story on the news channel. Then suddenly he got the idea that if done in this way. Firstly, I will not have much problem controlling my husband. The second is to kill in such a way that he is committing suicide.

After this, on May 6, 2016, when Seema went to sleep at her house, the whole family went to sleep. She tells her husband Rohit, come let’s play a game. Rohit was completely unaware of that news of Gujarat. Because he loved unconditionally with his wife. There was no doubt in his mind. Rohit got ready. She makes him sit on the chair. She then ties both her hands. She then strangles him mockingly. Her husband says suppress. She kills him while playing this game.

Police investigation-

Now it was difficult for the police to investigate. It is a suicide or a murder. On the other hand, Seema was in bad shape. It was married 6 months ago. The police continued their silent investigation. No such evidence was also found from the house. The police had some reason to believe that Rohit committed suicide. Because Rohit was very happy after marriage. His business was also going well. The parents were also having the right relationship. All their friends were also good. There was no reason why he could commit suicide.

Police believe in murder-

When the police were convinced that there was no such reason. That he can commit suicide. Then the police started watching it from the point of view of murder. Because there were only two people inside the room. And the room was closed from inside. Seema came out of the room crying. That’s why whatever happened inside the room. Foreign a team went there. They started investigating. Pick up some fingerprints. A lot of things came to light through fingerprints.

The police immediately became suspicious of the border. It is not a suicide but a murder. An attempt has been made to give it the appearance of suicide. The police then strictly interrogate the border. Because Seema was not a professional killer. When the police ask with strictness, the boundary is easily broken. She tells the whole story. Which you just read above.

Because Seema’s lover was not involved in this murder. But he knew that Rohit was going to be killed. The police also arrested him. This case is now going on in court. Its decision is yet to come. Whatever will be updated in it, you will definitely be told.


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