Home Murder Full story of 39 dead bodies inside an AC container in UK

Full story of 39 dead bodies inside an AC container in UK

39 dead bodies inside an AC container in UK

This story is a strange story. Because this story is about the city of England. The case that happened there was a strange accident. Because a container is running on the streets of England and has crossed many cities. This story is a similar story. This is not an old but recent story. The container which was running on the road of England, when it was searched, found not one or two but 39 bodies. It was a strange monster. Rather, this container can be called a moving graveyard. Britain is the biggest case of the recent police case. But it is difficult to do 39 killings simultaneously when you do not even know the name of those bodies.

But the whole story is somewhat like this, there is an area about 32 km from London called Grace. This is an industrial area. A red truck with which a white-colored container was also attached at around 1 pm on 23 October 2019. It stands in this industry’s area. If the police find it strange then the police go to the driver and ask. Then she is shocked as soon as she opens the container from behind. The police see that some lacquer is placed inside the container. When those dead bodies are counted, then they were full of 39 dead bodies, of which 38 were not adults but one was a dead child.

It was an AC container and it was completely closed. His temperature at that time was -25 degrees. Now the question arises-

  1. Did death happen due to cold inside?
  2. Did death die from suffocation?
  3. Did they kill them and put their dead bodies inside the container?

The London police was investigating it, but the police did not find anything to know what is the matter behind this story. Now the biggest evidence was that he was the driver of that truck. When the driver was caught and questioned, he called his name ‘Mo’ Robinson. ‘Mo’ Robinson was from Ireland and this is what this truck was bringing. When the bodies inside the container were seen, it seemed that this cache was kept in the container for 2-3 days.

Now the entire investigation is done. When a preliminary investigation was carried out, it was found that the truck had arrived in Grace on 22 October and after that, the police recovered the lace from there. All the CCTV footage of the truck was seen about how this truck came here, but the exact root of this truck could not be found. But it was learned that this truck may have passed through Ireland and it was revealed that this truck had reached Grays via Bulgaria. How did Grace get from Bulgaria now? Then it turned out that the truck reached France from Bulgaria and reached Ireland via France. The truck arrived in London after Ireland.

The registration number of this truck revealed after an investigation is also from Bulgaria. The company that had the register in its name was Iris Company Ireland. Now the question was that these dead bodies belong to the people of Bulgaria? Then what are the people of Bulgaria doing in this container? When this thing came to the media, the officials of Bulgaria told through TV Chanel that this truck came out of Bulgaria for Ireland in 2017, since then it also did not return to Bulgaria.

When the police found out in the Embassy of Bulgaria, they told that the people whose bodies have been found are not from Bulgaria. Then who were these people? At present, the London Police has appealed to the people that anyone who knows about this container or someone has seen it and reported it to the police so that the police can find the right information. Because if the police know the true root of the truck, then it can reach the root of the case.

The policeman who is the driver of this truck asked him if he could possibly tell some truth. But the police still did not get any correct information from him. Perhaps he can also be a pawn of this game.

But there can be a reason for this, but no firm evidence has come about it yet. That is probably because these people are coming to Briton secretly. The reason for this is that in 2010, the bodies of 58 Chinese citizens were found in the doorway and they were all hiding in a tomato truck because they were all suffocated and died. Human smugglers were stealing them in other countries by crossing the Shahad.

An even bigger accident occurred in 2011 when a container was found on a road in Australia when police arrived there and 71 lashes were found there. When they were examined, they came to know that they were also being stolen from one country to another and they died.