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A quarrel occurred while drinking alcohol, strangled him with a thigh and broke his eyes with his thumb


A case has come up from the Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh, where two alcoholic friends strangled and murdered another friend of theirs, after which both of them broke their eyes.

Actually, this incident is from the Babuganj village of the Hussainganj police station area. The police say that the three men sat down together and drank alcohol. After this, the deceased abused a friend, after which both strangled him before stabbing his friend and then broke both eyes with the thumb.

Additional SP Rajesh Kumar of Fatehpur said that an unknown body was found in the forest of Babuganj village under Hussainganj police station area. The base of the deceased’s mobile and the people around it was named Jai Singh village Bhadaha. Bottles of liquor and pouches of water were found from the scene. The police started an immediate investigation and with the help of CCTV cameras installed in the liquor store, Amit Vishwakarma of the village was questioned.

During the interrogation, Amit said that his partner Dinesh and all the deceased were drinking alcohol, when the deceased abused Dinesh Patel by strangulation, both of them strangled the deceased. After the murder, Amit broke the deceased’s eyes with his thumb.

The police have arrested both the accused, revealing the incident. At present, further action is being taken. Police is questioning the concerned parties.


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