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How RAW made fun of whole Pakistan by doing GANGA HIJACK drama

ganga hijacking

Today it is a story that belongs to the world of espionage, Secondly, the same man was sentenced to a similar suit in both India and Pakistan. The special thing is that one person works for two different agency, and fools RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency) and ISI (Pakistani Intelligence Agency).
This story is from Ganga Airlines Hijack. The story is about Hashim Qureshi, who hails from Srinagar in Kashmir. Which first works for RAW, which is sent to POK in Pakistan. Later, she changes her mind and prepares to work for herself.

When Hashim Qureshi grows up, he is made to meet RAW through BSF, he is told to go to POK and work for RAW there because he is well known to POK. In 1969, Hashim goes to Qureshi for the wedding of a relative in Peshawar, and he meets Maqbool Bhatt as soon as he leaves. Who was the president of NLF (National Liberation Front). This is the same Maqbool Bhatt who later hangs in Tihar Jail. He talks about the independence of Kashmir, in the meantime, he is met with the ISI of Pakistan.
There it is said to Hashim Qureshi that you work for Kashmir. And there Hashim Qureshi is trained through a pilot. And asks him to hijack Rajiv Gandhi’s pilot.

At that time Indra Gandhi was the Prime Minister. A new organization called Al Fattah was affiliated to BSF arrested about 36 men of Al Fattah. The rest of the organization was very angry about this, and they wanted them to be liberated. When Qureshi was sent to Pakistan on behalf of BSF and RAW, he came under the influence of this and he started working for the same.

How did RAW drama Ganga Airlines Hijack-

When Qureshi returns to India after taking training from Pakistan, he goes to BSF. After vigorously asking the BSF, Qureshi told the RAW about the full coverage of the ISI and spewed out the entire story of the airplane hijack. RAW said if you want to avoid death, then work for us now and it is asked to hijack the airplane but in the manner of RAW. India Airline had an airplane named Ganga that was quite old. The Ganga Air Line was diverted from Srinagar to Jammu and asked to Ganga Airlines Hijack. It also includes Ashraf Qureshi, a cousin of the Quraysh.

Now both of them were given weapons with fake toys. On 30 Jan 1971, the plane flies. It is abducted under the plan, and permission is sought to land at Lahore airport. The Pakistani authority immediately allows him to land. It had Hashim Qureshi and his cousin Ashraf Qureshi. All India Radio immediately broke its news. After being kidnapped, he sought to release the 36 people of Al Fateh.

After this there was discussion. Then the 30 passengers present in it were brought to India via Wagah border. After 80 hours, the Hijacker sets the airplane on fire, and it burns to ashes. After this, India immediately takes action and reveals the evil movement of Pakistan to the world. After this, India halted a Pakistani airplane in its airspace. The advantage was that the Pakistani flight took 3 times to travel to East Pakistan (which is now Bangladesh).

India benefited from this in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Later, when Pakistan came to know about Hashim Qureshi’s move, Qureshi was arrested. Along with Ashraf Qureshi, 36 more people were arrested. Which also included Maqbool Bhatt. The rest are released after a few days, Hashim Qureshi gets a seven-year sentence.

After his sentence in Pakistan, he almost goes to Canada, Qureshi comes back to India on 29 December 2001, the police arrest him at the airport. He is prosecuted and later transferred to Kashmir. One of his arguments was that he had been convicted for this crime. And he gets released, because this is also the law of India. No one can be punished twice for a crime.

Note: In all this, Pakistan claimed that it was a trick of India, it played the game, and India claimed that it exposed the nefarious act of Pakistan, how Pakistan gives refuge to Hijker. ‘, ‘How did RAW make fun of whole Pakistan by doing Ganga Airlines Hijack drama?


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